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Help me become fearless

This inner feeling is down in your belly .....which makes you feel so uncomfortable and insecure.


You feel your hands getting sweaty, your heartbeat is rising. Panic attacks can occur and even feeling restless and crying all the time could be part of being afraid of doing something. 

If it's fear.....

  • For having a job interview

  • For being alone

  • For ending a relationship

  • For quitting your job

  • For stepping out of your comfort zone

  • For having no money

The fact are holding yourself back by being controlled by your OWN fear. 

This feeling of fear is real to you, and I do understand YOU. 

One thing I can tell you is that you can get RID OF THIS FEAR.

Discover HOW and become FEARLESS with me.

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My Story

Since I was a little child I felt fear in many situations......

The feeling of fear......

  • When my aggressive father came back home.

  • When I was cheated on after 19 years of relationship with my ex-husband. 

  • When I applied for a job without the right education.

  • When I lived with my mother in many shelters for abused women with children.

  • When they took my child away for 10 years.

  • When my boyfriend committed suicide.

  • When I stepped out of my comfort zone by selling my apartment & and quitting my job.

  • When I walked away from home when I was 18 years old. 

  • When I didn't have any income.

  • When I didn't feel I belonged anywhere when I was discriminated against.

  • When I had to do an assessment for school or a job.

  • When I lost someone I loved. 

All of these feelings of fear come in different forms. From panic attacks to locking myself up at home and being afraid to see or talk to anyone. 

Of course, when people see me now, they wouldn't believe that I am who I am now, after all these experiences. 

I may say .....I know what you are going through, and I can help you to handle YOUR FEAR. 

We don't know how much time we have in why wait.....??

Take the jump with me. Become FEARLESS!

Live Life Live with Awa

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