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Awa Prenilla 


About me

Are You Struggling with Overwhelming Emotions and Challenges? 

My name is Awa Prenilla, and I understand your pain. After being separated from my beautiful daughter for ten years, we were finally reunited in September 2022. Those years were filled with guilt, shame, and relentless questions from friends and family. "What did you do to your daughter?" they would ask. They couldn't believe the government would remove a child without reason, but it happened to me.

Separation brought emotional turmoil, anxiety, and a profound sense of loss. Like many, I faced depression and financial hardship. It's not uncommon to hear of people turning to alcohol, losing everything, or falling into deep despair when separated from their children. Living without your child is unbearable, and I understand this pain intimately.

So, what can you do in such a situation?


After countless consultations with psychologists, EMDR sessions, and far too many cigarettes and drinks, a friend asked, "Have you tried hypnotherapy?" I hadn't, but that question changed my life. Hypnotherapy became my path to healing. It was so transformative that I pursued a diploma in coaching and hypnosis to help others heal, too.

Life continued to present struggles, and I often thought, "Why me?" If you recognize this feeling, know that you are not alone. Hypnotherapy can help you transform your life. It allows you to access your inner strength, address unresolved emotions and traumas, and reframe negative thought patterns. Through hypnosis, you can release pain, find inner peace, and empower yourself to navigate any challenge.

When you change, everything around you will change!

You are reading this for a reason. Take the first step towards a struggle-free life. Book a free discovery call with me and start taking charge of your new life.

Awa Prenilla


Start your struggle-free life today!

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What my clients say

"My first online hypnotherapy session with Awa was incredible. I felt relaxed and safe, and a couple of days later, I had a clearer mind and new ways to manage stress. Highly recommend!"


Independent international distributor for PM International.

"Attending the 'Goeden Doelen Dag at Hypnose Instituut Nederland' and experiencing my first live hypnotherapy session with Awa was truly eye-opening. Immediately afterward, I enjoyed a restful 9-hour sleep, something I hadn't experienced in months. Awa, your expertise has significantly improved my sleep quality.
I highly recommend your services!"


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