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Embracing Change, Discovering Self-Love, and the Journey of a Lifetime -My Transformative Path through Separation.

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In life, we often find ourselves facing moments of separation, whether from a relationship, a job, or an old way of thinking. While these experiences can be challenging, they can also be the catalysts for profound personal growth.

Through my own journey of separation, I embarked on a quest to discover self-love and find my true identity. I traveled across the globe, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and experienced several ceremonies in Mexico (Ayahuasca/Peyote/Temazcal) to help me discover who I am. These adventures opened my heart and mind, teaching me invaluable lessons about resilience and the interconnectedness of humanity.

Throughout my travels, I had the privilege of learning from some of the best teachers life could offer. Their wisdom and guidance illuminated my path, showing me how to embrace change with grace and courage.

Today, I stand transformed and empowered, having found a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I carry the torch of self-love, compassion, and wisdom, ready to share these gifts with others on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Remember, separation can be the gateway to liberation and self-realization. Embrace it as an opportunity for growth and allow yourself to learn, evolve, and bloom into the best version of yourself.


May you embark on your own adventure of self-love and enlightenment, discovering the magic that lies within and beyond.

Live Life Live with Awa


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