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His Suicide Almost Killed Me Too

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

It is an emotional rollercoaster, but YOU will survive!

We always want to understand why someone committed suicide.

  • Why did he do this?

  • Why did he leave me behind?

  • Why was he not happy?

But in fact, you won’t get the person back by understanding the WHY. You want to know the reason, because of YOU.

What Do You Want To Know?
  • If you did something wrong?

  • If you could have avoided this?

  • If you could have changed this?

It was the person’s own choice to end his life. It is not up to you to avoid that. You can’t avoid it in the long term. You can postpone it, but in the end, if the person wants to commit suicide, it will happen anyway.

Is It Selfish?

Oh yeah, there will be people who will say that committing suicide is selfish. Is it easy to leave this planet and don’t face the difficulties and choose the easy way? Leaving the people who love you behind? Do you think that is easy?

You know, you can’t turn it around, so deal with the situation at that moment.

The important part is, that you have to take good care of yourself because it will be a hell of a ride. It will be an emotional journey for you. You will feel angry, frustrated and abandoned.

So, what I want to share with you is, when you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster, remember that you are not alone. I was there too. What helped me enormously is to be with the people who love you, your family and your friends. It took me two years to process the loss of my boyfriend. I want you to learn and apply my experiences in my journey so you can recover faster.

What Can You Do?
  • You have to accept that the situation can’t be turned around.

  • You have to accept that the person will not come back.

  • You have to accept the choice the person made.

It sounds crazy, but you also have to do fun things, things which give you a good feeling. Change your environment. This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the suicidal action of your beloved one. Believe me, I felt guilty, because I thought I am not allowed to feel happy. I need to cry, I have to feel horrible, I have to stay at home otherwise other people will judge me. Let these things go!

  • It’s about YOU!

  • You have to cure!

  • You have to be strong!

  • You have to move on with your life!

And yes, there could be moments that you don’t want to be on this planet anymore either. I wanted to be with my boyfriend who committed suicide. It sounds logical, but that’s not the solution. A good friend of mine told me...” You don’t know if you are going to be with him”, so I choose for moving on with my life.

What Are The Solutions?
  • Accept it

  • Be with friends & family

  • Do the things you love

  • Don’t blame yourself

  • Don’t feel guilty

  • Love and forgive the person who committed suicide

The Uncomfortable Truth To You Is

The suicide of a person can kill you too, but don’t let that happen! You deserve this beautiful life. It’s not the end of YOUR life.

You are responsible for your own life.

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