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Why Are You So Positive?

Updated: Jun 13

3 things that will happen to you

Why are you so positive

Like the French philosopher and mathematician Descartes formulated:

‘I think therefore I am, or in Latin, the cogito — ‘Cogito ergo sum’

I feel this inner joy, this inner peace. What does that mean? Am I in love with myself? Is that possible at all? Isn’t that a bit selfish?

Dance out of the blue, laugh, smile! What the heck. Don’t care what other people think! People will indeed ask you questions.

Why are you so happy? Do you use botox? You look 10 years younger. How do you do that? Are you in love? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you getting married? Is it your birthday?


I am just HAPPY!

Why are so you happy?

The mind is a miraculous tool. The one and only tool in life which can help or destroy you.

Some of you are addicted to negative talk, negative feelings, negative environments.

When you experience this joyful happy free feeling inside of you, you THINK: ‘Why do I feel this?’ Oh, that’s because of this or that. In fact, you CAN feel happy without any reason! These butterflies in your belly, just because... because you think with no thought.

This feeling is priceless!

YOU & everything around you will change when you change your thoughts.
  1. You will attract positive things in your life

  2. You will look younger

  3. You will feel good

WHAT IF, you will experience 1 of those 3 things. What if, you will experience all of those 3 points? What if?

Time is limited.

If I was You, I would start to think positively.

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice — Jim Rohn


I can teach you how.

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I am on a mission to guide YOU towards true happiness. YOU can choose to stay exactly at the same place where YOU are or let me expand your mind & dreams!
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