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Help me with relationships

It's always painful if a relationship ends. If it's with your mother, boyfriend, or will feel a gap and pain.


A gap of emptiness, loneliness.....How will you handle this feeling? Go out and party every week, drink more alcohol, become depressed, or disconnect from your environment to avoid feeling the pain?


Well....for a moment you will forget or don't feel the pain, but it's never the solution to the problem and it's a temporary solution. 


..... of course, you don't want to talk about it. Block it in your mind. Pretend it's not there.....

And even this choice will not last forever.....

If you want to have your happy feeling back and NOT feel this painful gap....there is a solution....

Talk with me.....I can show you the way to happiness again.

Live Life Live with Awa 

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