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The Balcony Bathrobe Girl (BBG)

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A true love story


The moment I discovered real love, love at first sight, the whole world stopped around me.

Do you know what I mean?

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. — William Shakespeare

Let me tell you a true love story…

In my white bathrobe, I was standing on my balcony on the fourth floor of my hotel, watching down at a copy of an October fest in Abu Dhabi. Everything was like the real October fest in Germany. The girls were wearing dirndls and the boy’s lederhosen. Big glasses of beer and the music… the music... was horrible… tiketaketiketake oi oi oi!!!

Before I decided to stand on my balcony, I was crying on my bed. I didn’t know what to do. A couple of months before, my boyfriend committed suicide and on top of this, he also LOVED October fest, and here I was in Abu Dhabi, alone…

I had 2 options

  1. Stay inside my room and feel more horrible as I already did about the loss of my boyfriend who committed suicide a couple of months ago… OR

  2. Enjoy the moment…

I chose nr. 2

With my cigarettes, a glass of water, I went to the balcony, and I started to dance while I was listening to this awful German music. I wanted to make the best of it. I needed to ‘recover’ from my loss.

After a while, the dancing crowd and waiters started noticing me. They looked up at me and started to wave and whistle. WOW, that felt good! I waved back and kept on dancing. One little moment I felt how it could feel to be a celebrity. I loved the feeling!!!

One group at the left tried very hard to seek my attention by shouting, waving and whistling at me. I waved back and kept on dancing. The attention they were seeking didn’t stop until they got my attention.

I saw that one guy was making some kind of signals with his hands. What was he doing? He pointed his hands to his phone, and before I knew it, I was making signals with my hands and gave him my phone number. What the hell was I doing?? OMG, I just gave my phone number to a stranger. Or did the whole crowd down get my phone number now too?? OMG!!! What is wrong with me??

This unknown guy didn’t hesitate for a second and called my phone number immediately. When I heard his name, I thought he was Russian, but that was not the case. We made some fun of it and, he asked me to come down for a drink. What was I thinking!!! OMG, shall I go down??

I made a quick risk analysis and decided that I would be safe in the hotel. I went down with the elevator and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was still wet from the quick shower, and the polish of my toenails was damaged. Well, it is what it is.

In the lobby, I got very nervous and I hid behind a pillar while I was looking at the group of people and if I could get a glimpse of this guy. Because from the fourth floor, I could only see a bit of his muscular shape but not really the details of his face.

Suddenly I heard a whisper behind me in my ear. The receptionist, a Dutch girl I met, whispered... what are you doing? She scared the hell out of me hahaha hahaha. I told her quickly what the situation was, and she said I would be fine and just go and meet him. She was also walking around in a beautiful dirndl with a blue top and I could see her boobs pumped up like it was supposed to be by wearing a dirndl.

So... I took a deep breath and of I went... from the lobby towards the garden.

I pushed the glass door to the garden, and the heat (even it was early in the evening, the temperature was still warm) hit me right in the face. I walked towards the group and some people saw me and whispered to this guy that I had arrived. I was wearing a green jumpsuit without sleeves and high heels and it was bloody hot.

He was standing with his back towards me when he heard the big news that the Balcony Bathrobe Girl (BBG), has arrived. He slowly turned around, and I saw he was holding 2 glasses of beer and his shirt was a bit open so... I could see his very muscled chest.

The moment my eyes reached his eyes, the whole world stopped. I had only eyes for him. It seemed like everyone around us disappeared. I didn’t hear any music anymore. I didn’t feel the heat anymore. It was like I was in a bubble with him. With this handsome muscled guy who was looking at me like he saw a miracle unfold in front of his eyes. Time stood still. It was like we were frozen to the ground.

This timeless connection, space of infinity… what is this… love at first sight?? It must be…

The moment he started to move his body towards me, this... ‘freeze’ moment faded away. We searched for a bench to sit on and started to talk and we didn’t stop talking for hours. It was like we knew each other for years. He asked me what I was doing alone in Abu Dhabi. I told him about the loss of my boyfriend and what his age was and one after the other coincidence started to pop up while we were talking.

This was the case... this stranger was born in the city where my boyfriend committed suicide. He was also born in the same month & year as my boyfriend.

Coincidence… I don’t believe in coincidence…

This stranger became my boyfriend for almost 2 years. He helped me go through one of the most difficult times in my life.

Do you believe in angels? I Do…

(Thank you N, I was BBG)

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